The Difference Between Me and You

Let me just say I don’t do petty and refuse to jump on anyone’s bandwagon. Last year around this time I lost several social media friends whom I thought were decent people. Ones I supported in some way shape or form and who turned on me because of an assumption. And I thought they knew me better than that, oops my mistake. Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand which is the reason for this post, is the difference between me and other people is I’m not gonna turn on you because we don’t share the same beliefs or dance to the same drummers beat. I’m not made that way. But if you’re reading this and you fit into the mold of following others blindly without knowing all the facts, then two chances to one, we don’t need to be friends or even acquaintances. And that’s all I have to say about that. I don’t need that kind of thinking in my circle. There’s a saying I like that goes, the door to loyalty swings both ways. If they don’t return it, they don’t deserve it.

I’ve always been good at reading people and I can tell whether or not you’re on my side or just tolerate my presence because you have an ulterior motive. Which is why I steer clear of people pretend to be in my corner because they have a hidden agenda. I happen to think my self worth is more than having a bunch of people around just to stroke my ego or make me feel important. I came into this world alone and I’m leaving that way. I want people in my life that will help me grow as a writer, not get upset because I’m not swayed by popular opinion. Oftentimes it’s better to stick with what isn’t popular, or your life might just depend on it, literally.

So, in closing the difference between me and others, is my world doesn’t revolve around the superficial or fake. I’m not a bandwagon type of person and my self worth doesn’t depend on how many people like me or pretend to. I’ve always been a loner and pave my own path and never followed the crowd. Someone once said, if your self worth depends on superficial things then you aren’t worth much at all. I happen to think I’m worth a lot more than a bunch of fake individuals. That’s the difference between me and you. Until next time, where love resides-Temari

Published by TemariJames

Temari is the author of Western and Paranormal Stories

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