Rise Of The Dreads Is Coming!

I realize I haven’t been actively posting but have no fear I will be starting in January 2023. Because I’m excited to share with you my upcoming book, entitled The Snow Storm. This will be my first full-length novel, and I’m so excited about it. Stay tuned dear fans for more details in the coming months, because this is going to be epic!

On another note, I’ve recently released my fifteenth book under the pen name Taisha Demay, entitled: A Good Pluck. It’s a part of the Plucking series and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I hope you’ll check it out along with the other books in this series.

That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari


Staying on top of the game.

In an industry that’s forever changing, it’s important to keep abreast of trends and what’s relevant. And once we do, we’ll have to master how to do our level best to stay on top of the game. An author once said in a Clubhouse room I was in, not only are you selling a product, you’re selling your brand. And in order to do that, you need to pay attention to any and all changes that come down the pike. For me, it hasn’t been easy, because things change monthly it not day-to-day and if you don’t have your ear to the ground then you might miss it. Take this new platform Kindle Vella, everyone and their mamma is on it. Unbeknownst to me, Amazon stopped paying authors a bonus for the free reads, and not only that, new readers can’t ‘fave’ a story using the free tokens. Then there’s the ability to return a token if someone doesn’t like the story. To me, it’s robbing the author of what little money they do make. I mean we get half a cent per page read on the KDP program and four cents per paid episode on Vella which doesn’t amount to a whole helluva lot. And I don’t like that policy any more than anyone else who makes next to nothing on their books anyway. I can’t help wondering why Amazon isn’t like Barns & Nobels. They won’t let you return an ebook after you’ve read it. It makes me sick to think how self-published or traditionally published authors are being robbed by Amazon’s policy. These are the things all of us who strive to make a living doing what we love has to endure. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of any and all changes in the industry because it affects the bottom line of every author’s ability to make money. Until next time, where love resides-Temari

The Return Of The Muse

I realize I haven’t posted in months. That’s because I haven’t been inspired to, I honestly think my muse has decided to say ‘F* you’ I’m going on strike. Someone said in a Clubhouse room I was listening in on that we shouldn’t wait to be inspired by our muse and just write. Yeah right, like that’ll ever happen. If we’re honest with ourselves, every writer needs that tiny spark that gets them to put words on the page and that would be our muse.

The voice that gives us the ideas to write about engaging heroes and heroines slaying dragons or conquering the world that we’ve created for them. Sure, the first draft is crap and we may think what we’ve written stinks to high heaven, but we got that idea from our trusty muse. Mine are my characters whose names and faces I see even before I put the words on the paper. I remember when I created Archer Lincoln from my other Nom De Plume Taisha Demay’s story Rumor Control and how I’d imagine this huge bald black man with his arms folded, glaring at me wondering why I had yet to write his story. I’d introduced him in the book, Love, Truth, and Consequences and he’s been wanting me to tell his story ever since. Then there’s my Kindle Vella story, Texas Strong, probably the first and last story I’ll write set in the fictional town of Dust Devil. It certainly won’t be my last western. Of course, they’ll be more. But I find that world-building is tedious and I’m not very good at it. Lol! Anyway, back to the topic, my muse who I call Lottie has returned in full force after being dormant for weeks. And I’m back to creating the stories I and my fans want to read. There are so many things happening in the coming months, both my pen names will be releasing books in the coming months, so stay tuned for more details. Until next time, Where love resides-Temari

Spring is here!

Though spring isn’t exactly my season, I’m more of a fall baby. But since it’s here whether I like it or not, I just want to say my favorite thing about it is the flowers. I love everything about them, from the colors to the smell. And although I do not possess a green thumb (I once killed a cactus) I love the scent and sight of the wide variety of greenery.

My husband is the one that takes care of all the plants, otherwise, they’d all be dead if it were left up to me. Having worked for a Botanist and now an Arborist he’s my resident expert on when and where to plant, what soils and fertilizers to use, how often to water, or whether to plant in the sun or shade. Are you a plant person or are you like me, let someone who doesn’t kill everything they touch, handle it?

While you’re pondering the answer I just want to say in the last few months while doing research for a story about a garden club I have learned tons about plants and some things I still have no idea why I found certain tidbits interesting. While visiting the local garden center the hubs made the remark about what plants we should put in the yard, why he asked for my opinion is beyond me. In the words of Colonel Klink on the show Hogan’s Hero “I know nothing.” Lol! I just realized I dated myself. But I digress. I also love the fact that every species of bird are present and the yard, despite not having a birdfeeder always sitting amongst the trees and shrubbery. So, if you’re a fan of all things spring, I say go out and enjoy the season, you never know when winter will pop back up. Lately, it’s been every other week for some of us. Until next time, where love resides-Temari

Being In the Room without Being There.

I’m sure the moment you saw this topic, you scratched your head and thought, huh? Let me explain, we live in the digital and social media age. With that being said, whenever you post or create content to promote your business, brand, or your company, etc, whether it’s a quote or picture. Make sure there’s a logo visible somewhere on it. That way while the item is circulating you’ll still be present. Myself, I like that idea. It also prevents people from taking credit for its origin because your fingerprint is on it so to speak. So, as you go about your day, think about ways to make this happen. That’s it for now, where love resides-Temari

All Aboard The Kindle Vella Train.

Unless you’re living under a rock, almost everyone has heard about the new platform that Amazon launched last year for fans of serial fiction and non-fiction, one episode at a time. How it works is you log on to the platform, register, and are awarded two-hundred tokens you can use to pick from an assortment of stories from a wide range of genres. The first three episodes of each serial are free after that you have to use the tokens to continue reading. When you ‘like’ an episode give it a thumbs up. If you enjoyed what you read, by all means, give it a ‘follow; so that you’ll be alerted when new episodes are available. When you unlock an episode you are awarded what is called a ‘fave’ in which if the author that receives enough can propel them up the charts and they receive a ‘crown’ for it and placed on the list of the top 250 stories. These are awarded on a weekly bases as fans unlock episodes. Now, should you run out of tokens you can purchase an additional five hundred for a mere $1.99. This isn’t bad especially if you’re a diehard fan of serial fiction or non-fiction. I encourage everyone to give it a try as well! That’s it for now, where love resides-Temari


Yesterday was Groundhog Day, and a day before that, the start of Black History month and not to mention the Chinese linear New Year which is the Year of The Tiger. Now with that being said, I’d like to say I don’t put any stock in a rodent that forecasts the weather for the next ten months, nor do I believe POC should be acknowledged one month out of the year. Why because to depend on what is essentially a large rat for a forecast is unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, animals are very useful when it comes to letting us know things about the weather, but I’m not going to depend on it solely for that. Why do we have weather forecasters if the only thing we needed was an animal to tell us what the climate will be like from one year to the next?

It’s funny how there’s a whole celebration centered around it. When we all know the only reason animals come out of hibernation in the spring is to find a mate, not predict the weather. As for the whole Black History month thing, I suppose that’s the Caucasian’s way of saying ‘y’all matter’ but you don’t the other ten months. Go figure. Anyway, I think it’s bollocks if you ask me because POC makes the world go round, we are the real influencers.

If you do your research we are responsible for the majority of the items that are used in everyone’s daily lives. Not only what we do trade on the stock market; but how we dress, speak, dance, and eat influence how others conduct their lives. It’s just moot to give us a month, hell we need the entire year! But alas we’re relegated to just a month. Well, that’s enough ranting. Until next time, where love resides-Temari

Be encouraged

We’ve all been there. The times when no matter what we do that fates just don’t seem to be on our side. It sucks, doesn’t it? Well, I’m here to tell you things will most assuredly get better, believe it. Don’t ever count yourself out or give up on your dreams, finding that great job, or wanting to strike out on your own and start a business. Whatever it is, it’ll happen. Might take some time, but take it from me, you’ll be glad you persevered. Someone once said, there are three rules in life. Number one: If you don’t go after what you want it’ll never happen. Number two: If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. Number three: If you don’t step forward, you’ll always be in the same place. So, friends as we coast into what we hope will be a banner year for us all, keep your chin up and never let anyone tell you it can’t be done because it most certainly can. Until next time, where love resides-Temari.

Pandemic Fatigue

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of this pandemic. I’m tired of being inundated with how dangerous it is. Please, it’s cold! Covid has been on the can of Lysol since I was little and now all of a sudden it’s the most dangerous thing since the Black Plague. Until I see someone dropping dead right in front of me, I’m not going to believe the hype. NOPE. It’s like the CDC, the WHO, the government and the media have some kind of agenda. They keep pushing or should I say, forcing people to take this vaccine. Even if they don’t want to for various reasons and then have to nerve to call them ‘Anti Vaxer’s’ Seriously? Do you mean to tell me in two years we’ve gone from a democracy to a dictatorship? And another thing, nobody should be told what to do with their bodies. I don’t give a crap who says otherwise. So what if some want to take the vaccine and some don’t. If they die they die. If they live they live, it’s their choice.

Personally speaking, once I learned what was in said vaccine, I said ‘Hell Naw’! I ain’t putting that in my body. I mean aborted fetuses, snake venom, ethylene oxide which by the way, is poison. I don’t care if it’s a tiny drop. I recall Doctor Fauci saying that if you have underlying illnesses or allergies to not take the vaccine. Well, I fall under some of that and that rules me out. And even if I didn’t, I still would take something that’s still in the quote ‘Testing Phase’ until 2025. Trust me, I looked it up on the CDC website and it hasn’t been approved.

The other thing that irks me is the fact that folks are being guilted into taking it. Saying things like you’ll lose your job or you can’t get something important you need. And yet the CDC and FDA employees are exempt. What’s up with that? If you want to be led by a bunch of talking heads on the various news services that are told to push this particular agenda then you deserve everything you get. Me, I follow God and he says not to defile your temple. Then they have the nerve to pull other names out they ass like Omicron. Seriously? That’s a Transformer, a Decepticon to be exact. Go ahead and be led by these Pied Pippers peddling fear. Because I refuse to. That’s it for now, where love resides-Temari.

The Importance of Being True To Oneself.

It doesn’t matter where I go or who I meet, you can best believe I’m always me. Straight no chaser. I don’t believe in pretending, what you see is what you get. This morning in the Feed Your Dreams Clubhouse room, the question was asked what was it that made you hesitant to follow your dreams? And I said, the backstabbing, backbiting; the back anything.

In the eight years since I’ve been in this business I have been unfriended, unfollowed and un-everything you can think of. There was even a conversation dedicated to what an awful individual I was because I didn’t share a popular political opinion. And because of that, people deserted me in droves, about eighty, ninety people. Ones that were either unable to speak for themselves or just didn’t want to seem disloyal to the person or people that I didn’t share the opinion with in the first place.

Sure, I was upset by the whole incident. But thankfully, I got over it. Most people in my position would have backpedaled and said whatever they had to in order to gain favor with the ones who abandoned me in the first place. NOPE. I dance to my own beat and I follow nobody’s beat. I am on my own island and enjoy the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me. I also learned there’s no loyalty among people that have none.

I will not betray my principles. Even if it means I’m the only one who shares it. Because in the grand scheme of things it’s the only thing that matters, and my conscience is clear. And that, in my opinion, is why it’s important to be true to oneself. That’s it for now, until next time; where love resides-Temari