The Importance Of Having a Backup

Let me just say, Monday when Facebook, Instagram and others were down, folks were going nuts. Do Not Run Your Business on social media. When you are ask if you want to log in using Facebook or Google accounts, DON’T. Do it the regular way and use your two-step login to protect your information.

I also wouldn’t recommend you not have all your eggs in one basket. Always have a backup. Start a website and email list to communicate with your circle, group etc for community management. Trust me when I say, you’ll be glad you did. Because relying on one platform is never good. It isn’t more work, it’s actually the same thing. When you post it goes to your page, group, etc just plug and play. I know a lot of folks were feenin for their Facebook fix; I wasn’t. Why, because I had elsewhere I could go. That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari.


Put Up Your Billboard

Let me just say, whatever it is you do, by all means put up your billboard. My veteran author friend’s often tell me that people won’t know who you are or what you do unless you tell them. I feel like we as professionals and influencers often fail to make ourselves invisible and that’s a shame because there is so much that we have to share with the world.

I for one am guilty of this. Earlier in the Feed Your Dreams room one of the discussions was what platforms do you use to promote your brand? And believe it or not the main one that was mentioned was Facebook. Surprise, surprise! Yesterday it went down for an entire day and people were besides themselves because they relied so heavily on that particular platform for promotions or whatever. Myself, I didn’t feel the loss, why do I say this? It’s because I have other ways of communicating, especially since I became an independent author. I use LinkedIn, email blast, along with other social media platforms. So, if you’re relying solely on Facebook you need to get a backup. Trust me when I say it’s important that you do. If that shutdown was anything to go by means you really need to work on that. Think about it. That’s it for now, until next time-Where love resides-Temari.

Dream affirmation

Today was the final day of the Feed Your Dreams Summit on Clubhouse and let me tell you it was just as awesome and fulfilling at the day it began. One thing that was emphasized all seven days was affirming your dreams and goals. Something we should all do because there’s nothing wrong with having dreams of bettering yourself and circumstances and that’s something we all went away with. Believe and receive it and God will perform it today.

I will also say, is to remove the word ‘can’t’ from our dream quest because ‘we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us’ and the only thing we have fear is fear itself. hold on to that and we’ll be unstoppable.

Dream affirmation is important because there’s too many people who believe that their dreams are unreachable or even impossible to attain. That, I can honestly say it’s not even close to being true. This recent summit has proven to me that anything we set our minds to is possible. And don’t let anybody tell you any different. I am living proof that dreams are within our grasp. Because for years I’ve dreamt of being a published author until one day I stepped out on faith and just did it. Now seven years later I’m still living my dream. Sure it takes work and dedication, anything worth having is. But I can honestly tell you I’ve never regretted a moment of it. If you’re dreaming of starting that business, writing the next best seller, online magazine, blog, etc whatever it is stop dreaming and JUST DO IT! There are so many resources available to help you attain that very thing. Trust me on this, I know. So, get off the couch and get busy! Quit dreaming about it and get it done! That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari

Happy October, baby!

October is the time the whether starts to get crispier and the leaves start to change. If you are a leaf peeper you can appreciate this just like me. Most people associate this month with several things, one is Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day and Halloween and the Day Of The Dead or All Saints Day, or the time for planting cold hardy flowers and shrubbery, and even the whole pumpkin spice craze. Lol! Myself, it’s just the month I was born. Period. So, whatever it is that you enjoy about October, I say enjoy it to the fullest. That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari

Canning Season

First I’d just like to say happy October first! My favorite month! Why, because not only is it the month of my birth but my son’s as well, one day after the other, how cool is that? Anyway, this is also when the weather starts to get a little cooler, crispier and the leaves began to change color. And for some people it’s the time when they start to canning and putting away fruits and vegetables.

And I know for some look forward to it because either it relaxes them or they just plain look forward to doing it. But if you’re me, I just plain love it! Who doesn’t? Sure it’s a lot of work but if you think about it, you are storing provisions for yourself and your family. And for the ones that have no idea how and where to start, there’s YouTube, Tic-Toc, Facebook Live, and Vimeo how-to videos on the who, what, when and how’s of canning.

Myself, I just got a hand-on lesson from a relative and learned tons by doing so. But like I said, canning for all of us including myself is trial and error. But once you get find your rhythm and start, you won’t regret it. That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari

I Forgot I Had a Voice

You know it’s funny, I hadn’t made a post since 2017, and let me tell you a lot has happened since then. One was I am no longer with a publisher and now independently published. And let me just say, it’s a relief not to be underneath anyone’s thumb. I make my own rules, deadlines, schedule my own interviews and book signings and events. And it’s like Michael Buble and Nina Simone once said, “It’s a new day and a new way and I’m feeling good.”

Yes in deedy so much has happened and I can’t wait to share in future posts but for now let me just say, it’s good to be back and I encourage you to visit my website: and sign up for my readers list where you’ll receive monthly and bi-monthly updates along with freebies. That’s it for now until next time, Live, laugh, love and smile often-Taisha

Feed Your Dreams Summit

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, the Feed Your Dreams summit is happening on the platform Clubhouse. They’ll be some amazing women speaking on areas in which they are experts and have first-hand knowledge on. And this is day three in which safety and self-first is discussed.

The room in particular is Feed Your Dreams, a platform I discovered I believe week three when I joined. I am so glad I found it because the people in there really do feed your dreams and make you feel there is hope in even the smallest of dreams. If you’re not a member you really should join, it would be to your advantage.

It has helped me tremendously and I have learned things that I myself never considered doing that would be advantageous to me, whether it’s business or personal. And I encourage anyone reading this to get on Clubhouse because as I said in a previous post, there really is something for everyone. That’s it for now, where love resides-Temari

Guilty Pleasures

There’s one thing everyone can agree on and that is we all have a guilty pleasure or two. Myself, I have several. And one is watching reality TV, I absolutely love the show 90 Day Fiancé and the whole franchise. Reason being, I’m just so mesmerized at how someone could meet a stranger and fall for them and get married within ninety days! I just can’t wrap my mind around that whole concept. But apparently there are people so desperate for love that they would do something like that.

Personally, I could not and would not. Reason being is how can you possibly trust a man or woman whose face you’ve seen on a computer screen and trust them with your most precious commodity, your heart. These folks are willing to spend their hard-earned money to fly to places like Kenya, India and possibly to the end of the earth all in the name of love.

There’s this one couple on this seasons show, Jenny and Summit, who because of age difference, he’s 36 and she’s 60 his family is against the union number one and so’s hers. They believe she’s being naïve trusting this guy, selling all her possessions and moving to India in hopes that he will marry her, but I gotta tell you folks I don’t see that ever happening. The universe as they say, are not in their favor, not on any level.

Which begs the question, why would anyone in their right mind do this when they know deep down in their heart of hearts that nothing is going to work they way they believe it will. I find myself yelling at the TV screen, ‘Are you insane? He’s never going to marry you! Give up and run while you still can!’ But honestly, I think some people are glutton for punishment and won’t get it not even it the world crashes down around them. Are they really that love starved and rapacious that they can’t see the forest for the trees? IJS That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Taisha

Book Boyfriends

As a female I have my favorite male characters that we girls call ‘bookboyfriends’. Ever since I discovered romance novels at the age of sixteen when my cousin lent me one of her Harlequin romance novels, I have had a bookboyfriend, Whether it was the cowboys from Linda Lael Millers western themed novels or the Scanguard Vampires in Tina Folsom’s books or the Westmoreland brothers and cousins from Brenda Jacksons novels, I have had one. And even after I became an author myself, there was Archer Lincoln from my Men Of Sentinel Security novels. A character that has been with me since before I even penned his story.

And for many of us there are the sexy Italians from Sienna Mynx’s Battaglia series or my favorite Doctor Saint Aknaten from Tiana Laveen’s Naughty Sins of the Saint novels. Wooo chile, let me tell you even though the series has long since come to an end, we’re still talking about the sexy doctor. But I think my all time favorite is the Brand clan from Maureen Smiths novels and if you’ve never read any of her books, you’re missing out because they are so good. The sexy man myself and my author friends write about keep the readers coming back for more.

Let me tell you there is nothing like a delicious hero to keep you turning the pages till the wee hours of the morning. And I have always been a reader and collector of books as my thousand or so physical books and three-thousand plus on my ereader can attest. So if you’re looking for a book boyfriend, find one because there’s plenty of them out there. Whether it’s a vampire, ghost, mob boss or enforcer, cowboy, doctor, lawyer or a man in a kilt, trust me they’re out there just waiting to be claimed. And while you’re doing it you’ll be supporting your favorite author. Until next time, where love resides-Temari

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Oftentimes we don’t listen to our inner voice, the one that leads us in the direction we should go, instead we do exact opposite and ultimately making a mess of the situation. You have to trust this in everyday situations and in life in general because it’s the one thing that will get you to exactly where you want to be. And trust me when I say, it will never steer you wrong.

I am reminded of the character Jiminy Cricket, the conscience of Pinocchio. The guidance that he needed whenever he was about to make bad decisions like latching himself onto the wrong crowd. And let’s not forget, good old Jonah, here was a man that was directed by God himself to go to one of the worst towns and tell them they needed to straighten up and fly right, but fear kept him from doing it, and he ultimately got punished for not doing it.

A lot of us don’t believe our inner voice knows what it’s talking about. But just let me say it most definitely does. Like Pinocchio it’s the guidance, the voice of caution as we need to go about our daily lives. So, if you’re reading this and are thinking of making a bold move and your inner voice is telling you to don’t rush into it so fast or to tread lightly in proceeding I think you should listen. That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari