Spring is here!

Though spring isn’t exactly my season, I’m more of a fall baby. But since it’s here whether I like it or not, I just want to say my favorite thing about it is the flowers. I love everything about them, from the colors to the smell. And although I do not possess a green thumb (I once killed a cactus) I love the scent and sight of the wide variety of greenery.

My husband is the one that takes care of all the plants, otherwise, they’d all be dead if it were left up to me. Having worked for a Botanist and now an Arborist he’s my resident expert on when and where to plant, what soils and fertilizers to use, how often to water, or whether to plant in the sun or shade. Are you a plant person or are you like me, let someone who doesn’t kill everything they touch, handle it?

While you’re pondering the answer I just want to say in the last few months while doing research for a story about a garden club I have learned tons about plants and some things I still have no idea why I found certain tidbits interesting. While visiting the local garden center the hubs made the remark about what plants we should put in the yard, why he asked for my opinion is beyond me. In the words of Colonel Klink on the show Hogan’s Hero “I know nothing.” Lol! I just realized I dated myself. But I digress. I also love the fact that every species of bird are present and the yard, despite not having a birdfeeder always sitting amongst the trees and shrubbery. So, if you’re a fan of all things spring, I say go out and enjoy the season, you never know when winter will pop back up. Lately, it’s been every other week for some of us. Until next time, where love resides-Temari


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Temari is the author of Western and Paranormal Stories

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