Yesterday was Groundhog Day, and a day before that, the start of Black History month and not to mention the Chinese linear New Year which is the Year of The Tiger. Now with that being said, I’d like to say I don’t put any stock in a rodent that forecasts the weather for the next ten months, nor do I believe POC should be acknowledged one month out of the year. Why because to depend on what is essentially a large rat for a forecast is unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, animals are very useful when it comes to letting us know things about the weather, but I’m not going to depend on it solely for that. Why do we have weather forecasters if the only thing we needed was an animal to tell us what the climate will be like from one year to the next?

It’s funny how there’s a whole celebration centered around it. When we all know the only reason animals come out of hibernation in the spring is to find a mate, not predict the weather. As for the whole Black History month thing, I suppose that’s the Caucasian’s way of saying ‘y’all matter’ but you don’t the other ten months. Go figure. Anyway, I think it’s bollocks if you ask me because POC makes the world go round, we are the real influencers.

If you do your research we are responsible for the majority of the items that are used in everyone’s daily lives. Not only what we do trade on the stock market; but how we dress, speak, dance, and eat influence how others conduct their lives. It’s just moot to give us a month, hell we need the entire year! But alas we’re relegated to just a month. Well, that’s enough ranting. Until next time, where love resides-Temari


Published by TemariJames

Temari is the author of Western and Paranormal Stories

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