Pandemic Fatigue

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of this pandemic. I’m tired of being inundated with how dangerous it is. Please, it’s cold! Covid has been on the can of Lysol since I was little and now all of a sudden it’s the most dangerous thing since the Black Plague. Until I see someone dropping dead right in front of me, I’m not going to believe the hype. NOPE. It’s like the CDC, the WHO, the government and the media have some kind of agenda. They keep pushing or should I say, forcing people to take this vaccine. Even if they don’t want to for various reasons and then have to nerve to call them ‘Anti Vaxer’s’ Seriously? Do you mean to tell me in two years we’ve gone from a democracy to a dictatorship? And another thing, nobody should be told what to do with their bodies. I don’t give a crap who says otherwise. So what if some want to take the vaccine and some don’t. If they die they die. If they live they live, it’s their choice.

Personally speaking, once I learned what was in said vaccine, I said ‘Hell Naw’! I ain’t putting that in my body. I mean aborted fetuses, snake venom, ethylene oxide which by the way, is poison. I don’t care if it’s a tiny drop. I recall Doctor Fauci saying that if you have underlying illnesses or allergies to not take the vaccine. Well, I fall under some of that and that rules me out. And even if I didn’t, I still would take something that’s still in the quote ‘Testing Phase’ until 2025. Trust me, I looked it up on the CDC website and it hasn’t been approved.

The other thing that irks me is the fact that folks are being guilted into taking it. Saying things like you’ll lose your job or you can’t get something important you need. And yet the CDC and FDA employees are exempt. What’s up with that? If you want to be led by a bunch of talking heads on the various news services that are told to push this particular agenda then you deserve everything you get. Me, I follow God and he says not to defile your temple. Then they have the nerve to pull other names out they ass like Omicron. Seriously? That’s a Transformer, a Decepticon to be exact. Go ahead and be led by these Pied Pippers peddling fear. Because I refuse to. That’s it for now, where love resides-Temari.


Published by TemariJames

Temari is the author of Western and Paranormal Stories

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