Starting Over

You’ll notice that things are looking a bit different, that’s because I am an independent author again. I realize I am better off on my own until I can find something that suits me. I admit, it’s daunting and freeing all at the same time, but I know this is what’s best for me and my peace of mind. I can’t abide by the antagonistic behavior I have experienced recently, I’m much too old for that.

Someone once said that we must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served, and that was most definitely the case. What you allow will most assuredly continue and I wasn’t going to not for one minute longer remain in that situation, so I left before I got even more mired in it. It’s just like I may have stated in a recent post, sometimes people pretend you’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty about the things they did to you, and are much more than the things that have been done to you. And lastly my friends, do not trade your authenticity for approval. That’s it for now. Where love resides-Temari

Published by TemariJames

Temari is the author of Western and Paranormal Stories

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