My Brand.

Let me just say, I don’t bend when it comes to my brand. My government name is attached to it and I will not sully that. Initially in my career I was a little overzealous when it came to releasing a book, I just wanted to see my name in lights so to speak, and as a result I agreed to something I shouldn’t have, then regretted it later. To the person reading this, DO NOT BEND WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR BRAND. Like I stated earlier, your name is associated with it. Some folks take advantage of the fact that you are new to the industry and don’t know much and therein lies the problem.

There are plenty of predator’s in this industry that are waiting in the wings to pounce and gobble of the ones that are naïve and are like I was, eager to see their name in print. I tell anyone who asks, know what you want, do your research, don’t compromise on your ‘ask’ that is to say what it is you expect from the person or company you could possibly be working with.

A saying I really like is the most important person in any scenario is YOU. Why do I say this, it’s because you are the one that’s striving to accomplish something. Whether it’s the publishing aspect or even in marketing. Your hard work, blood, sweat and tears are being offered up in this. So, look before you leap. That’s it for now, until next time. Where love resides-Temari

Published by TemariJames

Temari is the author of Western and Paranormal Stories

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